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Should You Choose Dry Carpet Cleaning Or Steam Cleaning?

Everybody wants to know whether it is important to steam clean your carpets instead of always having them dry cleaned. For the most part, it really depends on the amount of foot traffic in the room, plus how much dust is in the air. Then you have outside weather such as humidity, the hot sun beaming in and also locations where it rains a lot. All of these things can contribute to the breakdown of carpet fibers. Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning With dry carpet cleaning, you are not using anything to get rid of the mold and mildew that may form beneath the surface. Although dry carpet cleaning excellent for every day use, especially if you have pets and children running around the house. Or if it is an office building with carpet it is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Dry cleaning your carpets also occurs after they’ve been steam cleaned, so in combination, both work great. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, works to lift the dirt and grime that settles at the bottom of the carpet or attaches to the fibers. Over time these fibers become weakened due to mold and mildew on top of the horrible odor that the carpet will eventually emit. Steam cleaning is always a great service to have done by professionals because they can really make your carpets come back to life. Steam cleaning gives new life to your worn out looking carpets because a good steam cleaner will get rid of all the dirt attached to the fibers, which in turn causes the carpet to get back to its natural position. Steaming the carpets kills most of the germs, bacteria, and mold that eventually forms down deep in the carpet bedding. With a good steam cleaner that you can get yourself, in a quick amount of time you can clean your carpets then use the dry carpet cleaning method to suck up all the dirt and debris that was loosened by the steam cleaner. As you can see, if it is a heavily trafficked area it is probably best to dry carpet clean them every day, but at least once a month you should steam clean them in order to dislodge dirt that sticks to the fibers. A two-pronged approach is your best method to clean your carpets, have them smelling fresh and getting them back to look new again. With many steam cleaners available to rent you don’t even have to hire a professional service to come and do it for you. This can save you money and get the job done very quickly. For cleaner carpets, you may want to think about purchasing a high-quality carpet cleaner and a steam cleaner. This way you have all your bases covered no matter what season it is, and the mold and mildew can be attacked before it begins to settle in. Helpful tips and advice about carpet cleaning are always good to read…

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